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I'm excited to share I will be launching an exclusive "Days of Creation” Series. I’ll be releasing two paintings at the beginning of each week from May 14th until July 1st representing each day of creation. Each painting will be $5,000 including a custom Rett Ashby frame and free shipping with payment plans available. There will be two paintings made for each day of creation with a total of 14 pieces. These pieces will be designed intentionally as a series, so they can be purchased all together, or stand alone individually.

I’ve been dreaming up art that I want to put in my own home with spiritual overtones that are also more subtle and abstract. I’ve always been inspired by the creation in my art and I can’t wait to share this series with you! For early access to claim a piece, sign up for my waitlist in the link below, and be the first to see each new piece and have a chance to purchase before they go live on social media.

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Tshikamba creates art that embodies self love, beauty, and empowerment.

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